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Ep.24 Chris Sharpe, Colorado Rapids Goalkeeper Coach | Life through Sport Show

Ep.24 Chris Sharpe, Colorado Rapids Goalkeeper Coach | Life through Sport Show

Our guest for today, Colorado Rapids Goalkeeper Coach, Chris Sharpe Throughout the episode, Chris drops gems on topics like: specific character traits that he looks for in players, reflects on his own meaningful failures, and discusses how his experience as a #2 for much of his career has given him a unique perspective as a coach. Chris is not just a highly knowledgeable and respected figure in the goalkeeping world, but also a top footballing mind with valuable insights on life. I am thrilled for you to have the opportunity to learn more about him and his personal journey. Once again, my name is Omar Zeenni and you’re listening to the life through sport podcast, enjoy the show. Life :00 Intro :54 How are you really doing? 2:30 What has fatherhood taught you? 3:55 What did your father teach you? 5:50 Book title for this current stage in your life ______________________ Player Advice 9:00 Scouting: What are some of the tangible character pieces you look for? 13:00 What do you look for in an “emotional profile” of a player? 16:20 What are your thoughts on retention levels; with regards to learning ability? 19:00 How do we instill these character pieces into our players? 22:20 How can a player make it difficult on you throughout the week to influence your team selection? 27:00 How does a player “build their case” to be the starter? Soundbite 30:20 One final piece of advice for players? ______________________ Coach Advice 34:30 What are failures that you cherish? 40:00 Feeling the vulnerability to fail 41:45 Detail your immediate feelings when the Rapids signed Tim Howard? 46:30 What was a bad habit that you had to let go of? 49:35 Processing failure 52:00 What do you think is the meaning of all this? 55:00 Building strong relationships with players
Ep.23 USC Women's Head Coach, Jane Alukonis | Life through Sport Show

Ep.23 USC Women's Head Coach, Jane Alukonis | Life through Sport Show

Time Stamps 0:00 Intro 1:50 How was your first season at USC? 2:35 Any doubts after starting 0-2? 3:15 What did you learn from the staff at UCLA? 4:05 What lessons transitioned w/ you from your teaching days? 6:10 How do you think people would describe you? 7:30 OZ: Scouting presentation that was completely wrong 7:55 How have you managed presentations so the they’re not taken literally? Soundbite “we like to do less talking than the players” 9:00 Guided Discovery 9:15 What are some misconceptions about you? 11:10 Creating a training environment — story about old club environment / how everything was scripted 12:45 John Cohn helping set training 13:20 Advice to young coaches on how to create the right training environment 14:24 “you keep it or you attack” 14:40 Goal scoring expert mark Simpson 15:00 How often are you revisiting your team principles? 16:00 Adapting and reinventing yourself 18:10 Steve Cherundolo quote 18:40 Did your club days help you as a HC support your Asst. Coaches’ ideas / growth? 20:00 “Clear Objective, Loose Instruction” 22:05 Early days of Jane 24:50 Jane’s first game as a young coach 25:40 Where does your emotional intelligence come from? 27:00 Working hard for players 28:35 What were you like as a player? 29:10 Getting invited to USYNT’s 30:00 Were you the leader for you HS team? 30:50 “who combines the best” 32:15 Supporting your assistant coaches 34:10 How do you challenge people? 35:00 What were the habits that young Jane had? 36:20 Creating a safe space for players 37:00 Going to Duke 38:20 Being named team captain 39:10 How do you create a sense of urgency with your players? 40:00 Dealing with the last man on the roster? 41:10 Cabral Story 42:55 How do you deal with failure? 45:00 How much value do you hold in the awareness that you don’t know everything? 47:15 Angel City game 47:50 Early days at UCLA as a young volunteer assistant 49:50 Job responsibilities as a volunteer assistant 52:22 Is UCLA where you formed your own game model? 53:10 What has been the proudest moment of your career? 55:55 What kind of a player just Jane look for?l
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